Thanks to everyone for making Stacy's Mom (Imran Khan) the #1 parody of 2014.

Honored to be a performer at the Birthday Bash in NYC 01/31/14 with Steven Tyler, Slash, Bon Jovi, Adam Levine, John Fogerty, Rob Zombie, John mayer, Natalie Maines, The Black Keys, Train, Dave Grohl and more.

The Robin 100 CD will be a download of the full CD which consists of 100 songs about Robin played on the Howard Stern Show. When the Twitter goal of 10K followers is reached, the CD will be available to everyone for free. The campaign is on so get on Twitter, retweet, get people to follow @psychsongs and you can all make it happen.

As heard on the Howard Stern Show, Psych has become one of the newest song parody entities. Thanks so much to anyone who has said they're a fan and check up here each week for new songs. Scroll around because new tunes can be anywhere on the site depending on the category you choose.

PSYCH GOING FOR 400 PLAYS. Since December of 2009, Psych has been aired over 360 times and coming up to the 400 mark which is no small accomplishment considering the amount of fans sending in spoofs daily.

As a one man production team everything is done in a full studio while trying to also have a "normal" life. A multi-instrumentalist, singer, engineer, producer, etc., Psych maintains the studio working with both local and national artists when not writing crazy parodies about some Stern show member.

Most of these clips are about Robin but there are Baba Booey, Tim Sabean, Sal, Richard, Jon Leiberman, Lisa G, Ronnie Mund and other spoofs thrown in for good measure.


FREE FREE FREE! Feel free to download any of the parodies you'd like.